June 18, 2007

"Death Or Glory"

Tony Blair with the troops
Last night I caught up with Michael Yon's dispatches from Iraq, who's been traveling with British troops over there. His stories and fotos are so good that I was moved to send him a contribution.

Thanks to Abe at Don't Let Me Stop You I bought Michael's book Danger Close a couple years ago. Even if he had never been to Iraq Michael Yon's life is worth checking out. He learned about violence and alligators growing up in Florida, and earned a Green Beret in the Army Special Forces after high school.

It's a heart breaker that Senators Hagel and Reid, not to mention half the country, will never read this modern day Ernie Pyle, and if they did they probably wouldn't believe him. What color is an alligator? Would you believe your own eyes? I'll let Michael explain.

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