June 18, 2007

Final Solution to the Infidel Problem

Religion of Peace
The Iranian Ayatollahs have a problem with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's plan to kill infidels with the atomic bombs he is building. Seems the Religion of Peace technically requires good Mohammedans to "cut the heads" of infidels that refuse to submit. Blowing them up is only theologically effective if a Mohammedan martyr dies in the blast. There are too many infidels, but not enough martyrs or skilled headsmen to get rid of them all in a manner pleasing to Allah.

You have seen the videos of sloppy, fumbling beheadings. Not only is this bad press for the Religion of Peace, such amateur work just isn't going to solve the Infidel Problem. If the mullahs insist that they all be killed by beheading, the job will need to be automated.

Based on surveillance of internet search engine activity, the Iranian may be planning a wholesale slaughter of infidels that would make Eichmann look like an inefficient bungler. And they are going to do it the right way: by 'cutting their heads' as per the Koranic instructions.

Testing is being conducted with unclean animals to ensure that mass beheadings can be managed by a relatively small workforce of unskilled Mohammedans. **This video shows the new process being tested on hogs. The holy workers can behead hundreds of infidels without tiring or becoming contaminated with unclean bodily fluids.

Shouldn't we consider export restrictions on this technology?
** Video contains frank material - view with caution!

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