June 10, 2007

Hay Fever Time

Blooming Grass
The old feeder is allergic to grass pollen. Saturday was windy and the grass at the edge of my grove, where it is too rough to mow, was having a monocotyledonous orgy. Pollen was spewing everywhere. I went out to toss the garbage and spent the rest of Saturday shut up in the house, sneezing and trying not to use a wire brush on my itchy eyes. I sneezed so hard I got a crick in the neck and a splitting headache.

This morning I went out to take these pictures wearing a paper dust mask. I should have worn a space suit: now I have hives! It is like the atmosphere has turned suddenly toxic. This is affecting my blogging because my nose drips like faucet, threatening to foul the keyboard. The itchy, swollen eyes eyes make the monitor difficult to see. I'm using my little Palm Tungsten to work on a post in which I shall attempt to lay out my analysis of the current field of Presidential candidates. The Palm seems impervious to the snot and tears, but it is a disgusting process nonetheless.

How long before Global Warming kills off all the pesky grass here in Nebraska? We will all be dead broke then, since corn is a grass, but at least I'll be able to go outdoors without sneezing.

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