June 30, 2007

Michael Moore: Sicko

Hop Aboard the Commie Sick-o Meatwagon
I almost missed out on Babalu Blog's Who's the real sicko? and the resultant blogburst. Babalu and the other great blogs listed at this link know better than to be fooled by Michael 'Mental Institution' Moore's paean to socialized medicine. Marxist thought stinks on ice. The links at Who's the real sicko? lead to some of the best anti-communist blogs ever. These cats have no respect for castro or his mendacious fellow traveler. Spend the time if you have it.
I don't plan to see the movie. Bowling for Columbine has been sitting in a local grocery store's used rental DVD sale bin for months now. Nobody wants it. Not for $2.
Check out the latest proposal for Fidel Castro's Tomb.

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