June 22, 2007

Thompson Announcement Set For Nashville

Go Big Fred
Exclusive from the web site of WSMV-TV in Nashville: Fred Thompson, the who has rekindled a sense of hope among conservatives, will announce his decision to run for the Republican Presidential nomination in Nashville very soon.
A source close to the campaign planning tells WSMV that that Thompson planned to announce his candidacy on the steps of the historic Fall School Building Tuesday, but Thompson campaign officials deny that Tuesday's announcement is an official run for the White House.
I'm thinking the Fourth of July, but I don't know why. I will support Fred, as I have since I discovered how perfect he is for the job. See the video. Check in with the Freepers. Look at these stunning photos of Fred's lovely wife, Jeri Kehn Thompson. She looks better than Jackie Kennedy did when she was in the White House getting the Bill Clinton infidelity treatment from JFK. I know, Monica Lewinski was no Marilyn Monroe, but then Bill was no JFK, either.
More: FredHead JM24 at Joe's Crabby Shack says: "This is Nebraska. Go! Big! Fred! just rolls off the tongue." I like the sound of it myself. I like it so much I made this little banner for Nebraska Fred Supporters. It is, like everything else in the Plains Feeder, free for anyone to use.

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