June 22, 2007

Marxist Thought Stinks on Ice

Marxist Glamor Girls
Hillary Clinton is a Marxist who would complete America's long slide into communism with her "I want your profits so we can share the wealth" mumbo jumbo if elected to the US Presidency. Now sheand her pal Nancy Pelosi want to implement one of communism's dearest programs: government control of the airwaves.

Worse yet, they want to justify their erosion of our First Amendment right to free speech by claiming that talk radio is biased. Perhaps these two cows and the rest of their commie herd should consider a government takeover of the New York Times or the LA Times? Or all of the TV Networks? Word has it that the media is all biased. I saw it on the Jawa Report. Time for a "legislative solution" to squelch all this willy-nilly free speech.

Hear a Breitbart Exclusive: "Appearing on John Ziegler's evening show on KFI 640 AM in LA, U.S. Senator James Inhofe says he overheard Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) saying they want a "legislative fix" for talk radio."

I foresee federal cops like those that grabbed Elian Gonzalez breaking into Rush Limbaugh's studio, smashing the EIB golden microphone and frog-marching Rush out of the building. If they don't burn the deviant broadcaster in a Waco type siege. It was enough to get me to subscribe to Rush 24-7 so I can watch it happen live on his DittoCam.
The cats that run the government wouldn't lie to us or try to trick us now, would they?
Update: Hillary responds to Inhofe's claim, via her press secretary: "This supposed conversation never happened - not in his presence or anywhere else." Somebody must be lying.
Repartee: Senator Inhofe sticks to the story - Inhofe interviewed by Breitbart.tv's Scott Baker late Friday.

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