July 30, 2007

Hate Crime?

Michelle Malkin asks Which of these is a crime in America? The choices she gives: putting a crucifix in a jar of urine, burning the American flag, or tossing a Koran in the toilet. Naturally, you guessed that the Koran in the toilet is deemed a crime in Brooklyn.

Hateful Koran Flushing?
I don't think that flushing the Quran (or Kooran or whatever the PC wussies want you to call it) down the tubes is particularly hateful. The book might have been dropped in by accident, we can't see into Stan Shmulevich's mind.

We find lots of discarded Korans while dumpster diving for free hog feed in the city. We try to put them to good use. But I can see where some folks might mistake our frugal recycling for a hate crime. But you'd have to read my mind to prove it. Go ahead, read my mind. I dare you.

Turning Korans into delicious pork! No hate here.

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