July 24, 2007

I don't Cair, it just ain't right!

No butts-up prayer on the production line
Right here in Nebraska. What a gigantic violation of Political Correctness, sticking like a plank from our state's eye. Nebraska Mohammedans are unhappy, even crying because we are so insensitive. These Somali immigrants will burn in hell if they don't pray right on time, but they risk humiliation and loss of their meat-packing jobs if they leave the production line to do so. From the AP:
Supervisors at a Swift & Co. meatpacking plant have fired or harassed dozens of Somali Muslim employees for trying to pray at sunset, violating civil rights laws, the workers and their advocates say.

The five- to 10-minute prayer, known as the maghrib, must be done within a 45-minute window around sunset, according to Muslim rules. The workers at the Swift & Co. plant in Grand Island say they quit, were fired or were verbally and physically harassed over the issue.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has drafted a complaint to be filed with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The petition compiles testimony from at least 44 workers who had planned to sign the complaint during a meeting Sunday. The signing was changed to a later date because of a logistical problem.

Jama Mohamed, 28, said he was fired in June for leaving a production line to pray.
These Somali immigrants are either ungrateful assholes or are being manipulated by CAIR. Next they will want us to let them take family leave for honor killings.
From the liberal progressive side, the New Nebraska Network says this about the prostrating packers: "It does us no good to pretend this is simply a Muslim problem: it isn't. It's a worker's rights problem, it's a problem of religious freedom... it's our problem." We're not worthy to have these holy guests.

From Atlas Shrugs, a warning: "No one should take a job they can't fulfill. Seriously. Islam is winning." I think we have some open prayer slots left on the pork sausage line; they can take those.
As if Nebraska didn't have enough planks stuck in its eye, PETA is trying to shut down our packing plants that practice Kosher slaughter. They have even gotten a special prosecutor to investigate the practices of Local Pride, a packing plant in Gordon, Nebraska.

The plant had been shuttered before a Jewish family joined up with the Oglala Lakota tribe to reopen it. It goes without saying that PETA wants to destroy the meat industry, no matter who gets hurt.

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