July 09, 2007

Iraq War Protesters Convicted in UK

That's Me All Over!
The Associated Press reports the conviction of the three Al-Qaeda type Mohammedan Jihad terrorists. In the nauseatingly PC story, the convicted terrorists are quoted as saying they were just protesting against the Iraq war. No mention is made of their possibly being Al-Qaeda inspired terrorists or Jihadists or even that they were Moslems. Regular folks gone momentarily bad.

These were the nasty Moslems that tried to blow themselves up on London's tube July 21, 2005. That attempt, which failed only because these creeps had a bum explosive recipe, came just two weeks after another, similar Mohammedan terrorist attack in London killed 52 commuters.

I guess they were only some overzealous anti-war peaceniks driven to extremes by George Bush and his maddening illegitimate imperial globalist Nazi war for oil in Iraq. I'm sure a little jail time will straighten them right out. Heaven forbid the AP should affix a GWOT bumper sticker on this attempted suicide bombing.

Move along folks. Nothing to see here.
Update: Now four of the anti-war peaceniks charged with the 7/21/05 attempted suicide bombings have been found guilty. But now the Associated Press is calling them "Muslim militants" who were "inspired by al-Qaida". The jury is still out on two more of the accused fanatic Mohammedan Jihad murder-suicide bombers Muslim militants. Nice try, Tariq.
The illustration that heads this post is offered as an example of a successful Muslim militant. I'll bet the cat in the picture didn't use chapati flour and hair bleach to cook up his ticket to Allah's nasty paradise.

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