July 10, 2007

Cow Farts Got You Worried?

Add Beano to their Feed
Scientists at the Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research in the UK have a notion to change the diets of our meat animals to something less gassy. In spite of the fact that the man-made global warming scare has been mostly de-bunked, anyone that thinks they can get some sort of giver-mint grant to solve the non-existent problem are still hard at work. Never mind that volcanoes and rock concerts create more greenhouse gas than our herds of succulent meat animals, nor that farmers have a limited menu to offer in their pastures and feedlots.

I've got a better, more practical idea that doesn't involve changing the entire agricultural system. Just add Beano to the feed we already use. The stuff works, and the total cost to the ag economy would be small compared with trying to get farmers to change the way they have been feeding their livestock for so long. Once my Beano plan is implemented, all we'd have to do is make all those mountains of manure stop giving off methane.
Perhaps switching to smaller cattle would help. Those little steaks would be cute.

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