July 16, 2007

Nebraska: Tops with Tourists

Nebraska gas prices: almost this bad
We Nebraskans need to advertise this attraction. People will drive for miles to see and pay the Nations Highest Gasoline Prices. From K-Cow: Nebraska Tops National Gas Price Average: "Cornhusker state 29 cents above the national average." Twenty-nine cents, or about $5 or $6 a tankful.

State tourism will explode with folks from around the country, driving across Nebraska to get their pictures taken in front of our gas station price signs. Small towns could vie for the honor of being the very highest. The locals will prosper and the state coffers will grow fat with tax revenue. The bugeater state will become a tourist Mecca.
"Where are you taking your vacation this summer, Sid?"

"Up to Nebraska. The wife and kids can't wait to see those gas prices."
What Paul Bunyan did for Minnesota, these big gas prices will do for the Cornhusker State.
Seriously, a summertime state gasoline tax break has been suggested out here where the tourist attractions are separated by miles and miles of plain old Nebraska. It made too much sense for the legislature, which has never trusted advice from economists. Our state gasoline taxes are higher than those in neighboring states. (See: Cross the River and Save in the Cattle Chute.)

We can't afford to lose the revenue, the Solons of Lincoln whined at the idea of a summer gas tax cut. Can you hear the small towns drying up and blowing away?

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