July 15, 2007

This is shameful.

Airman David Koebele in Kuwait
David L. Koebele was arrested Saturday for trying to hook up with an underage Iowa girl he met on the internets. Koebele is a 23 year old Air Force member stationed at Offutt Air Force Base, here in Bellevue Nebraska. Evidently he traveled to Waterloo, Iowa to meet a girl for sex, but the details are sketchy so far. Waterloo is in Blackhawk County. From the Waterloo - Cedar Falls Courier:
A release from the sheriff's office said Koebele traveled to an undisclosed Black Hawk County park for the purposes of meeting a female he knew to be under 16 years old. The statement said Koebele made arrangements through the Internet to meet with the female and transport her to a local motel where he planned to engage in a sex act with her. Koebele was taken into custody after he arrived at the park.
This sneaky pedophile wore the uniform, bringing shame on his fellow soldiers, sailors and airmen. Every time you see a news story about his crime, Offutt AFB will be shamed. Airman Koebele was featured in his local Wisconsin newspaper as a Hometown Hero. I wonder what the home folks think of Koebele's latest notoriety? His family, once so proud, must be miserable.

I'll bet this pervert's shirt didn't like having to deal with this on the weekend. I see jail and a dishonorable discharge in Dave's future. If he is convicted, of course.
There probably won't be any more real news about this arrest until Monday, when Mr. Koebele will likely appear before a judge. If so, I'll post it here, as an Update.
At least he won't be tried in Nebraska, where the judges will do anything a defense attorney asks. Including holding a rape trial in which none of the parties, including the victim, can say the words "rape," "sexual assault kit," “victim” or “assailant” in court. The victim is appealing the decision. More shame on Nebraska.

Golly, whats next? "I think this murder trial would be unfair if anyone gets to say 'murder' or 'kill'. We can say 'died' or 'passed away' instead."
Update: The Des Moines Register has the story, but doesn't mention Koebele's military status. He's just a "Nebraska man". Coming from the leftist DM Register, I'm surprised. There isn't any more news, but the article has numerous interesting comments.
The Air Force Times confirms that Airman Koebele was with Offutt Air Force Base’s 55th Security Forces Squadron. There are a number of specialties in a Security Forces squadron, some of them very demanding.

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