August 12, 2007


In the Manure Spreaders blogroll here at the Plains Feeder, I tried to select exemplary leftist nut cases. These are blogs that represent the worst of their particular genre: the hideous, angry lesbian wingnut Rosie O'Donnell; the sublime Marxist idiocy of Barbra Streisand; the terr in training at Radical Muslim blog; and some old hyper-liberal standbys like the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post. As you might expect, the old feeder seldom reads any of these manure spreader blogs.

Checking for dead links, I found a truly sad story unfolding at the blog I had chosen to exemplify Marxist exploitation of pipe-dream progressivism, Our Tomorrow. I had captioned the link Bearded Commie, just because I thought it fit better than the Pollyanna title Denny, the hippie looking writer, had chosen.

Now I feel sorry for picking on Denny and his blog. In one of the saddest blog posts I've read so far today, Denny describes his slide into the sin of despair. The title says it all: On giving up. I quote the self-proclaimed atheist's cry to a God he cannot deny:
I'd guess the planet would be best served by our extinction. If I believed in god that's what I'd pray for.
Please read his pitiful post in full. Then offer your fellow blogger some encouragement; no one should feel this low, no matter what their opinions. Offer something more hopeful than the eco-religionist drivel his friends have seen fit to inflict upon Denny. Putting up solar panels won't help him. He needs the support only the truly hopeful have to offer. Have you got any hope to share?
I'm not a Catholic, but I have studied the faith in some detail. You won't find a better explication of the sin of despair than theirs.

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  1. These people who say the planet needs fewer people also are the ones who believe Guam will tip over with a few thousand more people - if they were truly concerned, we certainly wouldn't be having to suffer through their drivel now, would we?


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