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September 25, 2010

A Man Never Looks...

New York Post: Liberal media goes on attack against GOP's Boehner. Keeping it classy.
Catching Boehner with a mistress is the only way to destroy him politically before the election.
A man never looks behind the bedroom door unless he has hidden there himself.
More: Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Democrats' strategy: Start slinging.

June 14, 2010

Flag Day, USA

Old Glory at the Old Feedlot (click)
Today is Flag Day here in the USA. Fly 'em if you got 'em. You don't have to fly Old Glory today, but it would seem only decent not to mock those of us do. Like Time Magazine does, whose readers are far too cool for anything as silly as Flag Day.

November 10, 2008

Obama's change dot gov agenda "No longer operative"

All previous statements on Watergate are "no longer operative"
From the Washington Times: EXCLUSIVE: Agenda disappears from Obama Web site. First the 'community service' went from being compulsory to optional. Then other features of Barack Obama's website began to disappear. Now all of the 'guts' of the site which claims to originate from the non-existent but official sounding Office of the President Elect have been ripped out according to the Washington Times. Obama's minions say the site is being re-tooled.

For an interesting. if not frightening. insight into how Obama's supporters reacted to this piecemeal whitewashing of the web site, read the comments at these two posts over at the Gateway Pundit:
Barack's rabid tools are themselves presumably re-tooling today.
It doesn't matter. Obama is "ready to rule" with or without another duplicitous website.

September 19, 2008

Sandra Bernhard: Palin better stay out of Manhattan

Sandra Bernhard - not cute

From The Theater J Blog:
...Sandra warns Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra’s big black brothers...
Sounds like Sandra is jealous because she isn't as 'cute' as Palin. Seriously, this is demonstrative of the level to which the Desperate-ocrat Party has sunk in their hate for Sarah Palin.
Disgusting video at Hot Air.

September 12, 2008

Liberal Palin Panic

Not funny - Not nice - Not even civil
This nauseating Oliphant cartoon goes to show the depths to which the liberal media will sink as they realize that the Barack Obama magic is vanishing. As the smoke clears and the mirrors reveal the racist hate and Marxist perfidy standing behind the wannabe Messiah, the Obama campaign along with its fellow travelers in the media are resorting to the ever more transparent and disgusting attacks on the McCain-Palin ticket.

This disrespectful cartoon is the most despicable display of classlessness since pro-slavery Democrat supporters ran this anti-Lincoln political cartoon during the 1860 presidential election campaign. I hate to think what we'd be seeing from Mr. Oliphant if McCain had chosen Condoleeza Rice as his running mate.

This shameful cartoon isn't the only thing making folks like Jeffro at the Poor Farm angry with the Obamanists. There is Charles Gibson's unprofessional and poorly prepared waste of a perfectly good opportunity to interview Sarah Palin for ABC News. He misquotes her and frames his questions to suit his painfully obvious liberal agenda. Another example of liberal desperation is the Washington Post's recent effort to connect our national remembrance of the Islamic Jihad 9/11 attack with a smear of Sarah Palin.

I can't help thinking that this ugliness is going to backfire on the Democrat party. I actually think there will be a chance to reclaim the House and Senate this November. All the Democrats have to do is stay the course down the low road they seem to have chosen.

July 03, 2008

First, the down side of this Independence Day: Nah

We are unworthy
I had a down-side post based on Chris Satullo's A not-so-glorious Fourth and similar Independence Day liberal hand-wringing in mind for today. Instead, Scott Voorhees is doing a great job of it on KFAB right now. He's got the listeners going with this one. No sniveling!

Real Nebraskan's don't like this anti-American bent the liberal revisionists have taken.
I was even going to mention the long faces in Elkhorn since their cool town fell to Fahey's Falangists. The new ruling junta's anti-American edict:
The only LEGAL fireworks within the City of Omaha are Snakes and Caps. All other fireworks are illegal within the city limits of Omaha, NE. A person using fireworks within the city limits of Omaha can be faced with a $500 fine and/or jail time.
Liberty dies by inches. In San Francisco they don't even call it Independence Day; its now America Festival: A fun Fourth of July weekend. The article doesn't even mention a reason for the celebration at all.
Tomorrow: God Bless America, even atheists can say it once a year. What have they got to lose?

June 12, 2008


They call it Political Monogamy, but I prefer the more precise term, Demisexuality. The abominable practice is every bit as stupid as Vegansexuality. I always suspected that an unusually high percentage of male Democrats were Demisexuals.

I must admit, to my lasting shame, that I often posed as a 'leftist campus radical' in my college days. Their parties were wilder and the women were more fully liberated (read: easier) than their non-leftist counterparts. It was less trouble than lying to the ladies about being rich or ambitious.

February 16, 2008

Cop a laugh

Spotted on a Los Angeles street corner
Look closely at Ms Clinton's attire. Swiped from Babalu Blog.
Rush Limbaugh has suggested that Hillary Clinton will defeat Barack Obama through the workings of her well-established political machine. Maybe, if you include criminal election riggers in Hillary's 'machine'.

November 23, 2007

Good News for the Planet Earth

The only green human is a dead human
This is the best news to come out of the Ecological Disaster movement since Al Gore invented the Carbon Credit: concerned believers are having themselves sterilized to save the world. For once these science is consensus prophets of gloom and doom have got it right. By ceasing to procreate, the planet could be spared a second generation of these idiotic true believers.

The old feeder already has noted at least one instance of this burgeoning trend among the eco-vanguard. Here are a few historical examples.

Remember Heaven's Gate? Before that happy band 'moved to another plane' to catch a ride on a comet, the sex-free group's leader, Marshall Applewhite, had himself castrated. Several of his followers followed suit, giggling like enchanted fools. You won't see them any more.

An earlier American group of true believers that died out because they were doctrinally opposed to the Biblical exhortation to "be fruitful and multiply" was the Shakers. The Shakers of today are mostly old women; few join up and no new ones are born.

Even stranger examples of dead-end, despair prompted, self destructive, non-procreative movements can be found in the unsuccessful Breatharian movement. Believe it AND die. Another outfit that forbade normal sexual practices was Paul Schaefer's Colonia Dignidad in Chile. Sex, even between married members, was verboten in this ex-Nazi child molester's utopia.

No listing of self-limiting cults would be complete without mention of Jim Jones and the horrific mass suicide by the People's Temple in the jungle of Guyana. The Rev. Jones didn't forbid sex among the faithful, but he was in charge of all gonadal goings on in Jonestown. Ultimately, despair won out over Jones' goof-ball plans for the future. The legendary vat of poison Kool-Aid was mixed up, ending the commie cult for good.

It isn't just sterilization, Michelle Malkin points out that abortion and infanticide are part of the penance we must pay for our estrangement from nature. This suggests that the next logical step for the self-loathing, humans are ruining the Earth crowd is self-destruction. The Japanese are already into it, with groups formed on the internets to facilitate mass suicides.

What could we, as compassionate conservatives, do to encourage this hopeful development?

October 26, 2007

Cop a laugh - go to Mosque next Friday!

Mohammedan Church - a little different, but WTF
At The New Editor: A Sure-Fire Way to End the War on Terror. It links to the Daily Kos:
How many of us are really just religious lightweights, happy to simply go to church every Sunday, attend church socials, knock back a drink or two every Christmas and not worry ourselves about the deeper implications of our faith? Given the way most of us pay any real attention to the tenets of our faith, life really wouldn’t be that different if we were to exchange one faith for another. The prayers would be different, but we would recite them just as mindlessly as we do today. The sermons would in all likelihood be exactly the same, and we’d continue to snore through them.

Sure, there are a few people here and there who take religion seriously, but they are in such a small minority that their protests can be easily ignored. All in all, converting to Islam would be a small price to pay for an end to the killing and maiming of our sons and daughters, not to mention the billions of dollars we could put to better use than fighting this perpetual war.
I'm making an appointment with the Imams so I can be confirmed or whatever it is Mohammedans do to get a fellow right with Allah. I'll throw out all my records if thats what it takes to end this war. Just as soon as all the Moslems reciprocate and convert to Christianity or Judaism.

September 07, 2007

Hsu's Payroll - See any names you know?

ChiCom Payroll
Suitably Flip has the graphic details on the money spread by creepy Chinese racketeer Norman Hsu among Democrats. I noted some names from near the feedlot, and highlighted them on the SF graph above. The fact that America hater Al Franken got some Hsu money doesn't surprise me, but what did our own Marlboro Man Scott Kleeb do to get a Chinese payoff?
Another Hsu Drops: Leavenworth Street: Nebraska's Viet-Nam bad-ass Bob Kerrey isn't a candidate, but his financial connections with the wretched Norman Hsu make you wonder. Some lefties think Footbridge Bob should run for something. See: Nebraska Needs You Back, Mr. Kerrey, in the Huffington Post. It was written by wacky Chuck Lippstreu, who also writes for the University of Nebraska at Lincoln college newspaper, The Daily Nebraskan. Not all Daily Nebraskan writers are as collegiate as Chuck. This opinion piece by Dan Halverson on gun laws will make you smile again.
Iowa's Senator Tom Harkin rates fourth in overall take from Norman Hsu & friends. Harkin says he will give the part he got from Hsu to charity, but will be keeping the $46,000 that was delivered by Hsu's bag men. Tom Harkin doesn't even bother to keep up the appearance of propriety any longer. Such a Lord of the People, Tom Harkin is: his fiefdom is secure, his serfs docile, his vassals prosper, his renown grows. He's got a nice branch castle in the Bahamas, too.

Iowans can be proud that their Senator rates higher with the Chinese communists than Teddy Kennedy or Barack Obama.
Addendum: Check out the G-Man's A Stroll Down Memory Lane for a review of Red China's odious relationship with the US liberals and the Democrat party. His analysis connects some dots the old feeder hadn't considered.
Update: More Hsu money schemes revealed. From Hot Air. When all of Hsu's transfers to his bag men are uncovered, the list if US officials on the take from the Chinese is certain to grow.
Last Laugh: Now Hillary is going to 'give back' $850,000 she got from Hsu and his pals. Criminal background checks for donors? Someone ought to do a criminal background check on Hillary.

August 24, 2007

We are in serious danger of winning the war in Iraq

So lets cut and run!
Silver haired RINO Senator John Warner of Virginia has called for President Bush to bring our soldiers back from Iraq by Christmas. It seems there has been an ugly rumor going around to the effect that the military actions in Iraq might just succeed. This would be intolerable to the Bush haters and their friends, the perennial peaceniks. So lets cut and run now, while we can still say it was a fiasco.

Bring the boys home for Christmas. Has a nice ring to it, no? But I question Warner's insensitive choice of a Christian holiday to associate with their anti-war message. Why not "Home for Ramadan" or "Home for Earth Day"? I thought peaceniks all hated Christianity as much as they hate cheeseburgers and capitalism. Maybe it is a trick.

August 12, 2007

Is this all they have on Fred Thompson?

Monica Hesse, a Washington Post writer whose name presumably sounds intelligent, has written a piece designed to paint Fred Thompson as a poor choice for US President because she thinks his first name sounds funny. Or stupid. Or not-sexy. If that is all they have on Fred Thompson, they might as well give up now.
Like Barack doesn't sound odd to some ears. It is lightning to the semitic listener, apricot brandy to the Hungarian. A Barack appears in the Bible as a military leader. Wolf Blitzer uses Barak as a less German sounding pseudonym. Blitzkrieg anyone? Do you suppose Obama's goofy parents named him for this Australian cat?
File this under Liberal Desperation. Along with the smears of his lovely wife, Jeri Kehn.


In the Manure Spreaders blogroll here at the Plains Feeder, I tried to select exemplary leftist nut cases. These are blogs that represent the worst of their particular genre: the hideous, angry lesbian wingnut Rosie O'Donnell; the sublime Marxist idiocy of Barbra Streisand; the terr in training at Radical Muslim blog; and some old hyper-liberal standbys like the Daily Kos and the Huffington Post. As you might expect, the old feeder seldom reads any of these manure spreader blogs.

Checking for dead links, I found a truly sad story unfolding at the blog I had chosen to exemplify Marxist exploitation of pipe-dream progressivism, Our Tomorrow. I had captioned the link Bearded Commie, just because I thought it fit better than the Pollyanna title Denny, the hippie looking writer, had chosen.

Now I feel sorry for picking on Denny and his blog. In one of the saddest blog posts I've read so far today, Denny describes his slide into the sin of despair. The title says it all: On giving up. I quote the self-proclaimed atheist's cry to a God he cannot deny:
I'd guess the planet would be best served by our extinction. If I believed in god that's what I'd pray for.
Please read his pitiful post in full. Then offer your fellow blogger some encouragement; no one should feel this low, no matter what their opinions. Offer something more hopeful than the eco-religionist drivel his friends have seen fit to inflict upon Denny. Putting up solar panels won't help him. He needs the support only the truly hopeful have to offer. Have you got any hope to share?
I'm not a Catholic, but I have studied the faith in some detail. You won't find a better explication of the sin of despair than theirs.

July 25, 2007

Cop a laugh

Compare and contrast these two video clips:
They are both about women's liberation. Maybe.
Folks used to ask why Western women's rights groups never protest the raw deal countless women get wherever cruel and misogynistic Moslem Sharia 'laws' are enforced. The answer is the activist womyn are too busy politicizing their mammary apparatus to care what happens to their sisters in the shroud.

At least we won't have to put up with these officious tit-waggers when the New Caliphate arrives.
Another opportunity to compare and contrast: Rosie O'Donnell and Hugo Chavez, thanks to Another Rovian Conspiracy.

May 08, 2007

Fred Thompson is not Dr. Knox Pooley

Fred Thompson as Knox Pooley
The Democrat Party and its loony left core is nervous about the burgeoning popularity of Fred Thompson. When Fred first showed a public interest in seeking the Republican Presidential nomination a few months ago, Patterico's Pontifications posted How Will They Trash Fred Thompson?, asking readers to anticipate how the left would go about attacking Fred. It was a tough question, given that Fred Thompson seemingly has all the right stuff to win in '08.

One of Patterico's commenters came up with the fact that Fred had played a nasty role as a hypocritical, bigoted, racist, right wing cult leader and swindler, Knox Pooley, pictured above, who appeared in a few episodes of an abysmal undercover cop series from the 80's titled "Wiseguy". He played a bad guy on TV, maybe he is one. As absurdly reaching as this appears on its face, the LA Times has decided to run with it. Patterico has it here.

The LA Times published this piece: Will Fred Thompson's racist role have political repercussions? by Tina Daunt. It is a rhetorical question, but campaigns are largely about rhetoric, no? LA Times critics are piling on. More proof that the LA Times is a leftist screed that "no longer deserves to be taken seriously as a newspaper" according to Jim Geraghty at National Review, and more proof that the left has nothing else to use against Fred.

Ronald Reagan, the greatest President of the United States in my memory, was a Hollywood actor. Much was made of some of his sillier roles during his many political campaigns, such as Bedtime for Bonzo, where he co-starred with a chimpanzee. But Ron never brought a monkey into the Oval Office. Heck, Ron wouldn't even take off his jacket in the office, let alone unzip his fly for a chubby intern. And Bill Clinton wasn't even in the movies.

If this is all the liberals have to use against Fred Thompson, I'm going to go ahead and book a room in DC for the inauguration. As Tim Hays puts it: I have been "an admirer of Sen. Thompson from his days as CIA Director in No Way Out."
More: Ponterico suggests that he was unduly harsh on Tina Daunt, the author of the LA Times article. You read it, I can't figure it out.

Radio Left: Geoff Staples covers the story here: We can use Fred Thompson's portrayal of white supremacist to destroy his POTUS dreams.

See more cool white supremacist screen captures of Knox Pooley at AMillionMonkeys.
BTW: The cult that Fred's character Dr. Knox Pooley led was called the Pilgrims of Promise. It is also the name of a book based on the tragic Children's Crusades of 1212. Maybe the LA Times can find a way to use this connection with anti-Mohammedan Crusaders to smear Fred.
Check out the updated Fredipedia, learn everything worth knowing about Fred and Jeri Thompson.