August 19, 2007

SPPNA: Leaders Meet in Montebello

Is President Bush selling the USA out?
Leaders from Canada, the US and Mexico will be meeting in Montebello, Quebec, Canada next week inside a perimeter of secrecy manned by US military forces. The agenda: furthering the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America. The old feeder has already warned against this nefarious outfit and their dangerous plans. They ought to call it the Screw the Security and Share the Prosperity Partnership.

There doesn't seem to be much we can do about this anti-national, open border crap. It is being foisted off on us in a most undemocratic fashion, under the guise of the President's broad power to make agreements and near-treaties with foreign countries. Some few in Congress have seen fit to complain about the SPP Montebello meeting and the unpopular trend it represents.

Here's my suggestion: call or e-mail your Congressional representatives in Washington, both House and Senate, to protest this undermining of our national sovereignty. More importantly send President Bush an e-mail telling him to knock it off. I have his work address right here: President George W. Bush.
Being concerned that Bush secretly supports a North American Union is like worrying about global warming, or so he would have you believe.

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