June 27, 2007

Mexamericanada and the SPP

Bumped up to the top, dammit.
The Amnesty Bill: America's worst nightmare? Or could it be that double dealers in government have already committed our nation to becoming the sugar daddy of a new Mexamericanada? What is the SPP? Thanks to Jody at Iowa Geek.
The SPP logo looks a bit UN-ish, no
Addendum: Glenn Beck gets it. Mexamericanada isn't just a phantom. You can call it Mexica or The North American Union but its still a bad idea from the US point of view. Canada is largely unproductive and dangerously Marxist. Huge segments of the Canadian populace are net tax consumers. The same can be said for Mexico in Spades. Large portions of the Mexican countryside are beyond the control of the national government. Communist movements thrive among the oppressed Indians. Mexican political graft beggars the word corruption. What could "partners" like these possibly offer? Nada, eh?
Call your Senators. Tell them the fence comes first.

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