September 23, 2007

Footwash Crusaders

Mohammedan Foot-wash at Kansas City Airport
The old feeder was disgusted when the ever so Politically Correct Dhimmis that run KCI decided that the Mohammedans (read: cab drivers) using the airport should have a special place to perform their ablutions before prayer (read: wash their feet). Maybe some cats complained about the faithful washing their feet in the toilets and sinks. My disgust and criticisms notwithstanding, the Moslem accommodations have been installed. Thats a picture of one the creepy little alcoves above.

The airport authorities can't justify this costly accommodation meant for only one specific religion to the taxpayers. Now these petty PC freaks are trying to intimidate folks that have questions. See this revealing article from WorldNet: Questioner told to 'not try to stir the pot on this topic.

Word has reached the feedlot that some area neocrusaders have plans to contaminate these foot baths with aggressive strains of the Tinea dermatophyte. Thats the fungus which causes athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm and more, depending on where the infection occurs. It wouldn't take much to give the pushy KC Mohammedans a hotfoot. The result of contaminating a public foot wash like the ones at Kansas City International might look like this:

Moderate athlete's foot - it can get worse!
The rumor has it that these neocrusaders are collecting skin flakes from infected people they find through classified ads. I don't know if they plan to enter these stalls and sprinkle the spawn around, or if they have something else in mind.

For an animated example of how the fungus contamination might appear under special CSI ultraviolet lamps, click here. The bright areas are rich in live Tinea dermatophytes.

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