September 24, 2007

The Hidden War

Merri & Vinnie
Between the accelerated fall chore rate here at the feedlot and a degree of increased drama in the old feeder's otherwise staid existence, there are blogospheric happenings that I missed. One of them involves Vinnie, who blogs masterfully at Vince aut Morire, the Jawa Report, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy and more. Vinnie and his wife Merri of Merri Musings are the cutest blog couple in Nebraska.

Vinnie recently wrote an excellent piece, The Hidden War, revealing how the Mohammedan Jihad uses the internet. Not only do they pursue their murderous agenda internetically, but they know how to game the Dhimmis that operate blog and 'net video services into stifling any attempt to criticise them. I've seen a number of very patriotic and moving videos posted to YouTube by Vinnie deleted because of "complaints' that he is a hate-monger.

Vinnie's Hidden War was published by Scott Voorhees, a cool cat who hosts a radio talk show on Omaha's AM station KFAB. It is a good listen, if you have your radio on from 9 to 11 am. Actually, Scott generally shows up for the tail end of the Morning show by 8 am. Besides the goofy MySpace page linked to his name above, Mr. Voorhees also has a 'work blog' hosted by the radio station., and that is where you can find the Hidden War. Maybe.

I don't know how to link to a single post in Scott's blog. It appears that Scott's older posts sort of disappear into the ethers. To make sure you get a chance to read it, I copied Vinnie's guest post to one of my own servers. I hope nobody minds. Scott, you need to get a permalink thing going on your fine blog.
You can listen to Scott's show from anywhere on earth via the internet. A live streaming audio link can be found on KFAB's web site.

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