September 10, 2007

Osama's beard, Beslan and Glenn Beck

Watch the series "Exposed: the perfect day" this week
Starting tonight, Glenn Beck will begin an interesting TV special series about terrorist plans to strike the US. Not just any attack, but one designed to incite an anti-Mohammedan pogrom here which will influence even Islamic 'moderates' to join the Jihad. The method discussed on Glenn's radio show today was a series of Beslan-style attacks on our schools. His guest was the very interesting John Giduck, anti-terrorist and Beslan expert. Giduck is the real deal, and will be on Glenn's show tonight. You can watch it on CNN.

Not much has been made of the horrors the Mohammedan Jihadists wrought in Beslan by the American media. Just like we never see videos of people jumping from the World Trade Center on TV, so we have never really seen the horrific torture, rape and murder of innocent school kids that took place in Beslan. The MSM even called the Beslan bomb toting terrorists Chechen Separatists, a half-truth at best.

The beard? Do you really think Osama is just vain? Read the Jihad Watch for an explication of the medieval Mohammedan logic behind bin Laden's make-over.
From under the spreading chestnut tree the Firehand has posted this thoughtful analysis of Glenn Beck's exhortation to restrain our reaction should a nasty Beslan-type attack be carried out in the US. I have to agree.

When we behave according to our civilized morality, the barbarians inevitably see us a weak-kneed. Giving the terrs more of their own medicine (death) seems reasonable in view of the fact that most Mohammedans who reject terrorist conversion and Jihad shouldn't become sympathizers just because we punish the ones that make them all look bad. If they do, we'll just have to kill them too.

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