September 08, 2007

Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel to throw in the towel

Instead of throwing his hat in the ring for the 2008 US Presidential election, Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel will throw in the towel on his political career. The official announcement is to come on Monday, but the Omaha World Herald, which has never, ever been wrong about anything, is reporting Chuck's retirement. Along with a heavily watermarked picture of the old warrior looking sad and lonely. No tears here.

I got the story from Red State first. Perhaps the Leavenworth Street Sweeper will be closing his odds books and settling some bets before the actual announcement. You might consider betting on one of SS's longer shots: Chuck's scheduled announcements have a way of surprising pundits.
Steve Brown finds a connection between the timing of Hagel's Monday announcement and news that Hopalong Bob Kerrey will also be making a political future announcement on the same day. Eeew! I quote SB: "It IS getting a little Ten(se) around town on the Senatorial Scene".
Reaction: The main stream liberal media are disappointed, but want you to know that Chuck is just keeping his word to his constituents. From the Minneapolis - St. Paul Star and Sickle:
In announcing his retirement, Hagel will fulfill a promise he made to voters when he first ran for the Senate in 1996 that he would retire after two terms. But his decision is the latest political setback for the Republican Party in its effort to prevent Democrats from extending their majority in Congress next year.
Retirement sounds so much better than finished or washed-up. Now the liberals can transfer their Hagel-love over to Bob the Baby Killer without admitting that it was Chuck's dalliance with the left that ruined his chances of ever getting elected to anything in this state. If you think the old feeder has come down hard on Senator Hagel, wait until you see how much I dislike Bob Kerrey.
How revoltingly ignorant: the Nebraska Kiddie Democrat blog calls Bob Kerrey a "near rock-star". Kerrey has always loved the young folks. Do the leftists really want this jerk back, or do they just hate Nebraska's other Senator, Ben Nelson?
At least one Nebraska blogger has been big enough to accept Hagel's retirement graciously, though he isn't a big fan of the Senator. Gunscribe at From the Heartland, shows how a gentleman conducts political discourse: Thank you for your Service Chuck.
Update 10:15 AM Monday: Its official! Senator Hagel says he won't be on any ballot for any office next year. As he made the announcement at the Omaha Press Club, his hastily displayed picture fell off the wall. As for the future, Chuck wants to get on the radio with Gary Sadlemyer at KFAB.

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