October 26, 2007

Cop a laugh - go to Mosque next Friday!

Mohammedan Church - a little different, but WTF
At The New Editor: A Sure-Fire Way to End the War on Terror. It links to the Daily Kos:
How many of us are really just religious lightweights, happy to simply go to church every Sunday, attend church socials, knock back a drink or two every Christmas and not worry ourselves about the deeper implications of our faith? Given the way most of us pay any real attention to the tenets of our faith, life really wouldn’t be that different if we were to exchange one faith for another. The prayers would be different, but we would recite them just as mindlessly as we do today. The sermons would in all likelihood be exactly the same, and we’d continue to snore through them.

Sure, there are a few people here and there who take religion seriously, but they are in such a small minority that their protests can be easily ignored. All in all, converting to Islam would be a small price to pay for an end to the killing and maiming of our sons and daughters, not to mention the billions of dollars we could put to better use than fighting this perpetual war.
I'm making an appointment with the Imams so I can be confirmed or whatever it is Mohammedans do to get a fellow right with Allah. I'll throw out all my records if thats what it takes to end this war. Just as soon as all the Moslems reciprocate and convert to Christianity or Judaism.

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