October 31, 2007

Halloween Tidbits

Zombified Bush: "Brains! I want brains!"
Halloween means the old feeder's birthday is right around the corner, having first drawn breath on the day of a related pagan observance, El Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. It feels like a Democrat Halloween this year, what with Dennis Kucinich proclaiming he sees flying saucers, Democrat-ridden Iowa taxing pumpkins, and Hillary, Edwards and the rest giving the stink-eye to the truth.

Why dwell on the up-side of this economic tragedy?
Happy Halloween! Watch out for the kids. And don't come up my long, dark lane looking for treats or trying to trick the old feeder. The owls out here at night are big enough to take on good sized kids. Last year I found Halloween candy wrappers in their castings.
Other notable Halloween posts:
  • Leavenworth Street is all decorated for All Spooks Day. See how Lee Terry and Eddie Munster were separated at birth.
  • Angela at the Domestic Divapalooza confesses that her whole family is weird.
  • Another Rovian Conspiracy notes the connection between sexy/naughty Halloween costumes and the need to hand out birth control pills in elementary schools.
  • The Iowa Geek has cute and wholesome all wrapped up.
  • State 29 looks on the good side of the Iowa's new Jack-O-Lantern tax: "At least there isn't a 7 day waiting period for pumpkins".
  • Depressed because you can't find the right disguise for Halloween? Fret no more -- the blog quebecois is on the case!
  • Chicago Ray features a real live witch. Do you recall which TV character always ended his show with: "And you wemember, kids, I'm a weal wive wabbit!"? Whenever I hear anything billed as a 'real live' this or a 'real live' that, I can't avoid thinking of that rabbit.
  • Babalu Blog has the best scary witch picture I've seen so far.
  • The kids at the Six Meat Buffet are forced to watch Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin until they puke.
  • Tom at the New Editor notes that Time Magazine's Top 25 Horror Movies list includes Bambi.
  • Michelle Malkin predicts that the pumpkin taxers at the Iowa Department of Revenue will be wearing Grinch costumes this year.
Nebraskans drive to Iowa to buy gasoline, perhaps Iowans will cross the bridge to get untaxed pumpkins. I heard that the Iowa State Patrol will be stopping cars near the borders to check for contraband gourds.
Addendum: Compare these cases of Halloween celebration bans: Moscow, Russia; San Francisco, California; Millard, Nebraska.
Update: The Iowa Department of Revenue bureaucrats have rescinded their loathsome new tax on pumpkins. These Des Moines revenuers always keep a finger up their butts in the air, and quickly sensed a public outcry at their craven grasp.

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