October 30, 2007

Blog Housekeeping

Time to clean things up before the snow covers it
Having been distracted from blogging this past month, my visit account with some of my favorite blogs was in arrears. I tried using the Google Reader to get caught up. It overwhelmed me with "over 1,000" unread posts. I went to the feedlot blogrolls in the right panel. The Plains Feeder is three years old and the blogroll has only been reorganized once. It occurs to me that they are inordinately difficult to use appended as they are to the feedlot's cluttered sidebar.

Since orderliness is next to godliness impossible at the feedlot, I created the Read-Mor. It's like a library in a nice hotel. A place where one can settle in and read some good blogs. You are invited.
I'll take this opportunity to introduce a new addition to the blogs I think are Outstanding in the Field. Kafir Canada is good right out of the blocks. Check out the Kafir's nifty poster. Did I mention the Kafir is Canadian? I heard about it from another blogroll stand out, The Gates of Vienna. Both are hep to the Mohammedan Jihad's very real fifth column threat to the US and Canada. Not like that jive is anything new.

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