October 01, 2007

Law of the Sea Treaty: more power for the UN

UN Law of the Sea Treaty: Just Say No
You might think Americans would catch on to the fact that the entire United Nations experiment in globalization has been a dangerous bust. The ever corrupt UN now causes more world problems than it solves, provides a big platform for our enemies and impedes the cause of peace world-wide. If that wasn't enough, the UN also threatens to eat away at our hard won freedoms and erode our national sovereignty.

I'm ashamed that our poor benighted globalist President Bush is urging the Senate to ratify the ill conceived and very risky Law of the Sea Treaty. This treaty isn't new, and there are good reasons we haven't ratified it yet. Study it and you will see why it is a very bad idea. The Heritage Foundation warns of Dangerous Seas Ahead if we sign on. Senator David Vitter, Republican from the seaport state of Louisiana, is leading the opposition to the LOST treaty in the Senate.

This dangerous treaty is on the fast track for Senate approval right now. Get on the ball and call your Senators today: Just Say No! Don't buy the lie.
Blog reactions: Red State reminds us of Ronald Reagan's astute objections to the Law of the Sea Treaty when it threatened to land on his oval office desk. The Liberal Lie points out that supporters of this idiotic treaty are pushing for a Senate vote very soon. Its time to nix it now.

Michelle Malkin weighs in on LOST. She comes down squarely with Ronald Reagan against the treaty, adding that it "Looks like the Bush administration is deluded or clueless on the issue, or both."
To the tune of a Coca Cola jingle:

I'd like to put the world in chains
And make it work for me
I'd like to hear the people cry
In perfect slavery

The wackos at the World Wildlife Fund like the treaty. That ought to be reason enough to e-mail, write or call President Bush and you Senators and tell them you don't want the UN ruling 70% of the Earth,If this treatyhelps wildlife, I'll eat some rotten bush meat.
Don't forget: the perfidious UN also wants to grab your guns.

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