October 19, 2007

Nifty Pickup Truck Conversion

Bulletproof Jimmy - Ibistek Viper
Not only is this big vehicle bulletproofed to withstand rifle fire, but it is armed with an ingenious remote controlled pop-up .50 cal. BMG machine gun mount. It is called the Viper, and the maker, Ibistek, claims its non threatening appearance won't upset your neighbors, while the turret offers infrared and night vision targeting from the safety and comfort of the passenger's seat fire control console. The weapon platform is gyro stabilized for shoot-on-the-run accuracy.

The next road rager to give you any grief will be quickly calmed by the sight of that big 50 rising from the roof and aiming at him. Road blocks won't slow you down, and you will be able to drive into even the worst of neighborhoods with impunity. What else could today's defensive driver want?

.50 Caliber Pop-Up Topper
I've thought about it, and my Viper will need one more non threatening modification. The South African Blaster is the perfect complement to this yuppified technical.

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