October 18, 2007

Vote your mind, if you have one

Zippy has half a mind to vote in 2008
Headline: CNN Poll: Nearly half think U.S. in recession.

Thanks to the hand-wringing of biased anti-capitalists in the Main Stream Media, nearly half of Americans believe something that is patently and demonstrably untrue. No, its not just global warming they are wrong about, but the state of the US economy.

Economic status is easily measured, and by any reasonable statistical analysis the US economy has never been in better shape. The facts are clear, but the sad sacks of the left refuse to admit the successes of our capitalist system as surely as they are blind to our successes in the Jihad wars. I can't recall a time when all the economic indicators were as good as they are today. To say that America is in a recession is to say you believe a lie or are too ignorant to know better.

This story supports the case against universal suffrage. Why should people who don't know squat about something so important as the state of our national economy be allowed to participate in national elections? Do you really want the likes of Zippy at the wheel?
Pinhead voters might just elect a mendacious communist thug as President. Watch the movie.

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