October 14, 2007

World a Better Place after Nebraska's loss to Oklahoma State

Updated: Nebraska Athletic Director Pederson Fired!
Tom Osborne to Save Nebraska Football
and make us feel bad about the Governor thing.

Nebraska Hustle
Lots of Nebraska Cornhusker fans will be unhappy or even angry after Saturday's humiliating homecoming defeat at the hands of Oklahoma State. But not everyone in Big Red Country is unhappy.

The old feeder conducted an I-80 rest stop poll after the game. The results indicate that at least one in five Nebraskans identifying themselves as Democrats think yesterday's milestone loss is a good thing. According to one fan whose SUV bore John Edwards stickers:
Nebraska sports, college football and perhaps even our world will be a better place now that the Husker hubris has been knocked down a peg. Constantly striving to best your fellow man is as wrong in sports as it is in war. Nebraska's arrogance, believing that we are better than the rest, must change with the times. Today's game is a step in the right direction.
Pride goes before a fall. Or does it goeth?
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Seriously, who needs fair weather fans? Winning isn't everything in college sports. Go Big Red!

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