October 16, 2007

Does the ACLU know about this plot?

Sheep are forced to perform in Jesus cult ritual
**Christians are planning a blatant display of their cult-like beliefs in a Cozad, Nebraska public park. These culturally insensitive plans, hatched in a darkened City Council meeting, involve the use of innocent children and helpless live animals. From the **Tri-City Tribune News:
Several Cozad churches will unite efforts to present a Community Christmas Pageant again this year.

Cozad's City Council OK'd the request Monday, allowing for the production to be staged at Veteran's Park at 7 p.m. on Sunday, December 16th.

Joan Lindekugel, who organized the first pageant a year ago, indicated to the council by letter that the pageant will be similar and will feature live Nativity scenes.
Where is the outrage?
More shocking news from the Political Correctness front via Wizbang: I'm offended, therefore I am.
**Important Note**: The Christmas plot thickens. As soon as this post was published, the Tri-City Tribune mysteriously dropped off the internets. All I can get is: Bad Request (Invalid Hostname). Here is a cached version of the secret Cozad Jesus pageant story.

Is it just an internet glitch? Are Cozad's Christmas cultists going underground? Has the Tri-City Tribune site been hacked by PETA? Developing...

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