November 21, 2007

Arrests made in Natalee Holloway case

Satish, Joran & Deepak
Looks like the Hollanders have decided to sacrifice their whitest son, Joran Van der Sloot, along with his creepy Surinamese pals to get the tourists to come back. Nobody wants to get lost in Aruba since Natalee Holloway went missing in 2005. From
Joran Van der Sloot was arrested in the Netherlands, where he is attending a university. The others, Satish and Deepak Kalpoe were arrested in Aruba. Van der Sloot is expected to be extradited to the Dutch Caribbean island.
These are the same cats identified almost immediately as being the last to have been seen with Natalee alive. They were arrested and released a couple of times, in what passes for Dutch jurisprudence. Who knows what has inspired this most recent official spasm; I suspect that tourism is down. Dave at Political Dogs thinks similarly; the arrests may be the effects of a boycott.
Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator who likes to accuse the US of imperialism, gives the Dutch Empire, whose New World island money-maker is right in his back yard, a pass. Go figure.

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