November 21, 2007

Eye Candy: Lupe Velez

Muerte por amor
It is the day before Thanksgiving, there is a nice tracker's dusting of snow and the old feeder is stuck in town. I'm warm, well fed and can watch cable TV. Today's matinee is Mexican Spitfire Out West starring the drop-dead gorgeous Mexican hottie Lupe Velez. I guess there is a Mexican Spitfire marathon on Cox.

Lupe started out in silent films in the 1920's. The Mexican Spitfire proved to be too hot for this world and offed herself by taking pills and drowning in the toilet. The most recent cultural reference to Lupe Velez is found in a down-beat episode of The Simpsons, "Homer's Phobia" where the character voiced by John Waters mentions the store Lupe Velez bought the toilet she drowned in.

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