November 25, 2007

Victory in Iraq is at hand

Update: More good news from Iraq via Wizbang blog: "Iraq and the United States are currently negotiating the terms of troop reductions next year which could leave as few as 50,000 active-duty American military in the country by the time President Bush leaves office."

Its Viet-Nam! Its Viet-Nam! Its Viet-Nam!
I think this New York Times article indicates that the cats who thought to cast the righteous war in Iraq as another Viet-Nam are beginning to see the light. The light that will illuminate their defeatist attitudes is Victory. Iraq might never be a perfect nation, but they will soon be able to join the ranks of the civilized world. Iraq is not and never was another Viet-Nam. We lost in Viet-Nam. We are winning in Iraq.

Free Banner
To celebrate, I've made this nifty victory is at hand banner. Feel free to use it on your blog any way you please. (Same policy with anything you find at the feedlot.)

Perhaps the cut and run surrenderists in our government, a few of whom are are pictured above, will admit they were wrong and, for once, really get behind America's important war efforts. No apologies necessary; pushing for victory will suffice. Except for Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, who needs to shut up and fade away. And what will Ron Paul do if we win?

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