November 26, 2007

Income Tax Options

Diversity of Democracy
Republican Presidential candidate Fred Thompson has suggested a way to ameliorate our nasty income tax situation. Read about it here. I've never seen a tax on income that I liked. Even the various forms of income taxation called the flat tax.

Flat taxes used to be the norm in most of the civilized world after the French Revolution and before WWI. The idea has an appeal to conservative types; it is less progressive, doesn't penalize success, and in its modern incarnations, provides for a zero tax rate for 'poor folks', who don't pay income tax now.

Fred wants to make the flat tax systems optional. (Not really optional, but as an alternative to the current convoluted code. I think all taxes ought to be optional, but that ship has already sailed.)

I'm curious about what other cats think of this idea. Cats whose opinions aren't influenced by having had Treasury agents draw down on them over a few measly bucks.
Check out the latest Fredipedia here.

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