January 15, 2008

Fred Thompson - He's for Change

Fred Thompson - He's for Change
I got an e-mail from Newt Gingrich's outfit today. I didn't have time to read it, but the hook line was something like "The Democrats are selling change. What are Republicans going to do about it?" He's correct, of course. America's desperate need for some magical but unspecified change seems to be at the root of all the best Democrat presidential campaigns. The MSM makes it appear as though Americans are buying into change.

I suspect that many Republicans, seeing what looks on its face to be a real grassroots desire for change, want some to sell themselves. As though change was ding an sich, a commodity that perhaps Republicans could label as New and Improved Change. Then the suckers voters would cross the midway to the Republican pork-barrel and snake-oil tent. I hope this isn't what Newt had in mind.

I think the Republican party should embrace change. I don't mean that cheap 60's I want to make a difference, change-the-world hippie horse-shit idea of change. I don't mean the ephemeral, unspecified change for the better, whatever that is type of change the Democrats are selling this month. I mean this: The Republican party should undertake the task of changing themselves into true Republicans once again. Its time to face up to our conservatism instead of pandering to every passing political fancy.

Ronald Reagan wasn't ashamed to be true to genuine conservatism. Every other US President in my memory was willing to pimp our Constitution for a vote or a legacy. All of 'em were panderers to one degree or another, Democrat or Republican, both Bushes included. (I don't remember Truman very well.)

The same charge applies to every viable 2008 presidential candidate save one. Fred Thompson won't trade our traditions for what happens to be trendy. He will bring our party back to its constitutional senses. That is a change that would be welcome.

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