January 07, 2008

Monkey business: Fred Thompson won't play

Drudge Composite - Where is Fred?
Does it seem like the news media, both the mainstream and the not-so-mainstream, are ignoring Fred Thompson's campaign for the Republican presidential nomination? I made the above composite of Matt Drudge's 'flash' headlines for yesterday and today. Note that Fred isn't mentioned for his strong showing in the Iowa caucuses (or is it cauci?), or anything else. I guess Matt figures Fred's steady progress and solid values won't capture the attention of his audience. I don't think the media hates Fred, its just that Thompson refuses to engage in the type of political monkey business that makes flash headlines and clever sound-bites.

Fred hasn't flip-flopped on the issues, hasn't changed his position due to poll results or any recently experienced epiphanies or 'eye-openings'. Fred hasn't suffered a setback or gained from a sudden case of voter infatuation. Fred hasn't had any nasty temper tantrums, hasn't said anything shockingly weird or outrageously stupid. Fred doesn't wave his bible around. Fred wouldn't even participate in the puerile show of hands that the Des Moines Register thought would pass for a debate. In short, Fred gets little ink because he won't play along with the political monkey business the media thrives upon at the expense of informing the electorate on the coming election.

If you want to know where Fred stands, check out his website. He has some great videos where he clearly addresses the issues - without any monkey business.
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