January 05, 2008

Omaha cop/writer: on the scene at Omaha mall murders

Omaha Police Sergeant Jeff Baker was one of the first cops on the scene of the Westroads Mall shooting spree here in Omaha, Nebraska. Sgt. Baker wrote his first impressions of what he saw, published by the Omaha World Herald as: Personal account: Officers came face to face with horror.

Now the OPD veteran has put his creative writing skills to work on a more detailed account published as an exclusive by PoliceOne.com: An officer's first-hand look at the Omaha mall shooting. It starts out with: "After 20 years in law enforcement, I thought I’d seen it all." Its a good thing the crimes didn't happen on a dark and stormy night. My lame criticism aside, I found the story insightful, especially with respect to how cops are trained to deal with this sort of on-the-job unpleasantness these days.
Would you believe this nasty murder-suicide committed by a hateful and self-indulgent broken clock of a young man now has its own Wikipedia article? Excerpt:
An hour before the rampage, Hawkins' mother gave the Sarpy County Sheriff's Department his suicide note which stated, "I just want to take a few pieces of shit with me... I'm gonna be fuckin famous."
I guess the overgrown brat was right.
Addendum: Sgt. Baker just e-mailed to let me know that he's a blogger. Check out The Battle Site, aka DefendUsInBattle.org. If you think the "separation of church and state" constitutional issue is being used to secularize our culture unnecessarily and unwisely, you will like Jeff's stuff.

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