January 23, 2008

Omaha: another senseless murder spree or racist statement?

Broken clock or race murderer?
Local cats are already aware that a young lady was shot in the head and killed by a kid with a hunting rifle a hundred yards away late last Sunday. So far, there seems to be no connection between the 21 year old victim, Brittany Williams, and the man caught running from the scene with the rifle, Kyle Bormann, 18. Kyle evidently had recently come to Omaha, Nebraska from South Dakota, where he was wanted for punky dope charges.

Now, according to ABC News, the seemingly senseless shooting might be a sort of hate crime. Kyle is white and Brittany was black. It happened on the eve of Martin Luther King day. I hope not, but in any case we need to send this cat to hell ASAP if he's found guilty. You can get more details and vote on it at PYSIH. Eye on Omaha has several relevant posts as well.

Another Omaha blog the Minority Midwifery Student is authored by one of the murdered girl's friends. Her initial post on the killing: "My friend, Brittany Williams, was murdered last night. She's gone." MWS also links to Brittany's MySpace memorial.

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