January 25, 2008

Fred Thompson and Warren G. Harding

1920 Republican National Convention
Steven Stark at RealClearPolitics has an interesting scenario: Who Said Freddy's Dead? The premise is that we could see a brokered Republican convention this year. This happened in 1920 after none of the front runners could garner the number of delegates needed for a clear, swift nomination. Warren G. Harding got the nomination after 10 ballots. Mr. Stark suggests that a similar situation might be brewing this year, a situation that could mean that we haven't seen the last of Fred Thompson.
As for myself, I'd love to see a rollicking convention with a real contest. Remember that Harding, low man as the 1920 convention started, went on to win the nomination and the White House. That year also saw the first national election in which women could vote.
Note that the 'G' in Warren G. Harding stands for Gamaliel, a hoary old Israelite name. Gamaliel the Elder was a Rabbi and is said to have been the Christian Apostle Paul's teacher. I wonder if Harding's middle name plagued him as much as Barack Hussein Obama's Mohammedan middle moniker bothers him?

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