January 30, 2008

To Fred Thompson: Please, please, please

James Brown and the Cape
Here is an open letter from the old feeder to Fred Thompson.

Please reconsider your decision to suspend your campaign for the Republican Nomination. You wouldn't have to spend a dime to have the support of Republicans who can't bear the thought of supporting John McCain. It is tearing the party apart. There is talk of throwing the election. Its getting worse.

Its a shame the way our nominating process, helped out by the liberal media and the unwholesome 'good old boy's club' mentality of the party leadership, worked to piss on the conservative fire you started. Please, at least show up at the convention armed with a drop-dead conservative speech. You will have the nomination by acclaim.

The Republican party needs another shot of Fred Thompson.

The Plains Feeder
I've been a Fred Thompson supporter from the first Draft Fred movement. He's the real deal. If enough Republicans and conservative independents make it clear to him that we need him back in the running now, there might be a chance. Please, please, please!
Do you remember the way James Brown used to end his act by collapsing? One of the Famous Flames would rush to cover him with a robe and help him off stage. After a long few seconds, James would throw off the cape and resume his frenzied show. This could happen several times. The crowd loved it. Click to watch Mr. Brown do his cape thing while performing Please, please, please!

Throw off that cape Fred. We're ready for the rest of the show.

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