February 15, 2008

Leftist Talk Radio is Sick

Bernie 'the perv' Ward
Leftists just don't seem to be able to put on a radio show that doesn't stink on ice. Remember Air America, the now defunct leftist talk radio network featuring comical Al Franken? Or Whoopi Goldberg's failed radio show Wake Up With Whoopi? Failures all.

Now one of the only successful lefty talk radio hosts (and he is only successful because his audience is in San Franfreako has taken a fall. Seems Bernie Ward, beloved of the fruit and nut folks in SF was caught sharing kiddie pornography over the internet. Bernie was in a perverted sex chat room asking for sexual humiliation when he grossed out one of the other perv denizens with his child porno. The other pervert, a lady going by the moniker SexFairy, turned him into the cops.

Liberalism is often associated with sexual perversions or blasé acceptance of same. Its a sickness.
When the Democrats take the White House next year, we can expect a return of the inherently unfair "fairness doctrine" at the FCC. Then there will be full employment for idiots like Whoopi and Franken, and a forum for perverts like Bernie. I can't wait.
Warning - Frank Material: The Smoking Gun has the nasty transcript.

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