February 26, 2008

Thank a Teacher's Union

Its all for the kids
The old feeder has had a splitting sinus headache all day today. The barometer has been changing too fast for my crusty old cranial pressure equalization systems. Then again my headache might have been caused by one of the first news items I saw early this morning. The USA Today headline: Teens losing touch with common cultural and historical references. Here is an excerpt:
Among 1,200 students surveyed:
  • 43% knew the Civil War was fought between 1850 and 1900.
  • 52% could identify the theme of 1984.
  • 51% knew that the controversy surrounding Sen. Joseph McCarthy focused on communism.
In all, students earned a C in history and an F in literature, though the survey suggests students do well on topics schools cover.
When I hear stories like this, I feel very little hope for a future filled with hope. Save us O great Bama! Give us hope. And some change, too.

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