March 31, 2008

ChiCom Olympics - Worse than Berlin in 1936

Support the Chinese Communist Slave State?
In my opinion, Red China can't clean up enough to qualify for hosting the Olympics. However, the Olympic organizers don't care; Hitler hosted the Berlin Olympic Games in 1936 in spite of his national socialist plans for the rest of the world.
Hitler removed signs stating "Jews not wanted" and similar slogans from the main tourist attractions. Hitler desired to clean up Berlin, the German Ministry of Interior authorized the chief of Berlin Police to arrest all gypsies and keep them in a special camp.
Similarly, the Chinese Communist government is trying to spiff-up Peking to trick foreign visitors into believing their jack-booted, murderous, freedomless, totalitarian communist regime is a mainstream democracy. As lies go, this one should be too big for anyone to swallow.

Whats wrong with Red China? Where do I start. Censorship? Oppression? Inhumanity? Barbarism? Here is just one illustration. What do you suppose the Chinese Communist state police soldiers are training for in this photograph? Click the photo to learn.

ChiCom Rifle Range?
Here is where the training pays off! Should you be found guilty of one of over 70 capital offenses while attending the Beijing (Peking) Olympics, your sentence will be carried out swiftly by skilled executioners. Click the picture below to watch the whole process.

"Open your mouth!" (reduces messy splash-back)
From the executioners: "Sometimes, the brain tissue of the prisoner may splash back onto our faces and that is really disgusting. --- We tell them to open their mouths because if the bullet passes through their mouths, they won't look too bad afterwards."

She should have opened her mouth
As for staying away from the Olympics, its up to you. The only Americans I would expect to visit Red China for the Olympic games are those losers you see wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. I hope they all like the worker's paradise so well that they decide to stay. But...

Its a real dilemma: the Olympic Games are a good thing; Red China is a bad thing. The athletes aren't to blame for the horror that is Red China. I don't think President George Bush or any other US government figure should attend the opening ceremonies. To her credit, German Chancellor Angela Merkel isn't going to add her blessing to the Chinese masquerade. What else could we do?

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