April 01, 2008

Fahey: Omaha may get downtown stadium for free

A new downtown stadium at no cost?
Just when you thought Omaha's Mayor Mike Fahey was on the ropes, the crafty pol pulls a rabbit out of his hat. Fahey wants a new riverfront ballpark built as part of his legacy, but many think it too costly. Now he says the city can have a new stadium for free, thanks to his middle east connections.

Even as recall petitions are being circulated, in part over the stadium issue, Fahey has cooked up a plan to get his stadium built by oil-rich Arabs. The details won't be made public until later today, but here's what the Omaha World-Herald had this morning. Excerpt:
As Landow outlined the arrangement, the ballpark would be built in the riverfront area, as previously planned. The only difference would be the addition of two towering minarets marking the foul lines. In exchange for completely funding the stadium, The Emir of Dubai would have use of the facility for an outdoor Mosque and a Muslim-American resource center.
Dubai. Its where its at.

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