March 08, 2008

Omaha: It's time for Mayor Fahey to GO...

Apologies to Stalin's family
Its about time someone started a drive to recall Mike Fahey. The long overdue recall effort has begun, and signatures are needed pronto. Find someone with a petition and sign it! Better yet, help circulate petitions or otherwise support this laudable effort.

The current Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, is a dishonest petty tyrant who has sold the City down the riverfront. We've watched him disregard the will of the people when he forced the Elkhorn annexation down the throats of the good people of that nice un-Omaha-like town. Then he tried to hijack all the school districts in his One City, One School District fiasco. Now he wants a new ballpark built downtown without regard for whether its what the people want or even if it is a good idea or not.

Here's the website. It isn't much, but the reasoning behind the need to stop this megalomaniacal little Caesar now is sound. What's next Mike? A useless footbridge across the Missouri River to Iowa that nobody wants? Oh, I forgot...
More Plains Feeder reasons to recall Mayor Fahey.

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