February 21, 2007

Omaha's hostile annexation of Elkhorn

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about Elkhorn annexation.

The unwelcome and ill-advised annexation of Elkhorn, a bucolic Nebraska burg, by its ugly neighbor, Omaha, gets smellier even as the voiceless victims of the takeover take their case to the US Supreme Court. I don't have a dog in this fight, but, as a Nebraskan who shops and otherwise hangs out in Elkhorn, I'm aghast. This can't be what the legislature had in mind when they drafted the laws that Omaha Mayor Fahey relies upon to trample the rights of the good folks of Elkhorn. Shame on him.
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I've included some posts about the intervening attempt by Omaha Public Schools to implement a One City - One School District scheme. The two issues are clearly related: both are part of Mayor Fahey's agenda. If you have read this far, you already know the school grab has led to nothing but trouble.
Read Stan Sipple's astute observations at HuskerBlawgs concerning the very different ways our State Supreme Court has handled Omaha and Gretna annexation efforts. Same statues, same court, two different results. Go figure.

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