March 24, 2008

Omaha Mayor Fahey Recall Petition Drive Starts Today

Send me back to Kansas City
The petitions start circulating today. If you are fed up with Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey, whether it be for his ill-advised, forcible and undemocratic annexations, his costly plans for a needless new ball park, or his overreaching desire to expand the grasp of city government, get out and sign a petition. Don't wait: 21,734 valid signatures are needed by April 22 to get the issue brought to a general vote.

Here are the initial locations where recall petitions will be available today: Rosenblatt Stadium parking lot. Memorial Park, and the Fraternal Order of Eagles No. 3943 in Elkhorn. I expect the Elkhorn location will be doing a land office business; there is no love lost on Mayor Fahey in that berg.

The old feeder doesn't live in Omaha, but I despise petty tyrants who pursue public service only to enrich their cronies with tax money. Mike Fahey is just such a man, and its time to kick him to the curb before he does more damage.

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