March 20, 2008

UFO photographed over Nebraska State Capitol

UFO fly-by in Lincoln, Nebraska
Nebraskans are generally skeptical of UFO sightings, and that includes the old feeder. All that might be about to change, however, as a result of this picture.

Today an otherworldly flying machine was spotted and photographed hovering over the State Capitol building in Lincoln, Nebraska. Not just some generic flying saucer, but a distinctive, complex machine that has been seen and photographed at least twice before. Some reports and photos of this craft are over 30 years old. Certainly you have seen some of these clear photographs, such as the one below that has been in the news this past week.

UFO over Capitola, California
The case of these California sightings are the subject of a "cold-case" investigation by some west coast private detectives. The new sighting here in Nebraska is sure to interest to detectives T.K. Davis and Frankie Dixon. The phenomenon has already caused quite a stir in Lincoln.

Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman, who had planned to sign proclamations naming this day as Mexican Equinox Day, instead found himself trying to calm angry constituents. He was repeatedly asked why the National Guard hadn't been called in to shoot down these space ships. Heineman suggested that we should determine whether or not the spacemen wanted to buy soybeans before acting rashly.

The State's Unicameral legislature was called into emergency session to see if passing some new laws wouldn't placate these invaders. Most agreed that making aliens illegal was more of a federal thing, but Senator DiAnna Schimek suggested offering in-state tuition to their children. Meanwhile, the Des Moines, Iowa city council reacted by proposing that the city offer sanctuary to the space invaders.

A Cherry County cattleman has taken out an ad in the Omaha World Herald warning of the consequences of ignoring this threat. The ad suggests that these aliens are responsible for numerous cattle mutilations on his ranch. Many Nebraska missing persons cases are being re-examined for possible alien abduction connections.

Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey was rumored to be considering incorporating a space-port landing zone into his planned new downtown ballpark. His thinking seems to be that the prospect of having space ship landings near the Quest Center will give his ballpark plan the broad-based community support it needs to keep the College World Series in Omaha.

BTW, today is the first day of Spring. Enjoy.

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  1. it's the sower , not the feeder geez


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