March 19, 2008

President Bush's Iraq War Speech: no apologies

Its nice to hear a speech from a political person that doesn't consist of excuses, apologies, spins or flip-flops. The war in Iraq has been and will be historically regarded as a great success. The long-term positive geopolitical consequences of our bold action are impossible to overestimate. The human and financial costs of this bold and timely intervention on the side of goodness and reason have been held to a minimum.

Our troops are statistically almost as safe in Iraq as they would be on the streets at home, but their losses are meaningful, willing sacrifices. Getting nailed by a stray bullet in one of our cities is tragic, but these deaths, like highway fatalities, serve no end, good or evil. Our enemies, the nation-less but pervasive fanatical Mohammedan Jihadists, aren't faring well at all. Iraq is not Viet-Nam or Korea. We are winning this important war, and the world will be a better place for it.

Thanks, President Bush, for turning a deaf ear to the defeatists. Short-sighted idiots with long-range delusions of Global Kumbayah, like Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel, would keep America making excuses and apologies.
Barack Obama's Iraq war speech: what a whiney moron. You can see "forget about Rev. Wright" in the poseur that would be president's face. Gosh, but he sure talks slick! The man is nought but a silver-plated tongue mounted on a weather-vane.

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