April 16, 2008

Bush entertains Pope at White House with harp music

The Pope visits the US President
I was watching Pope Benedict's outdoor reception at the White House on TV. Its the Pope's birthday, and our President went out of his way to give the leader of the Catholic Church a great welcome. There were speeches and all that, which you can read about anywhere. What caught my eye was the huge golden harp that was featured in one of the musical interludes.

Imagine George Bush and his staff discussing plans for the papal visit.
Pres. Bush: "What kind of music do you suppose he likes?"
Staffer 1: "I dunno. Maybe Wagner? He's German, isn't he?
Staffer 2: "Not Wagner! Too Nazi."
Pres. Bush: "Harp music! Thats what they listen to in heaven, ain't it?"
Staffers at once: "Right. Yes. Brilliant. Good thinking..."
Pres. Bush: "OK, get us a big-ass gold harp and someone to play it. Should we do the 21 gun salute after the harp stuff, or before?"
The Pope should have a good visit to the US.

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