April 04, 2008

Disturbing videos - watch at your own risk

Resisting the Insect Overlords
This horrible video crossed my path at the Blog Quebecois, where gnotalex adds an edge to the promotional video by suggesting that we consider welcoming these grotesques. I watched the video two weeks ago, and can't get the thought of these things loose on the streets out of my mind. I'm hoping that posting the troubling phenomenon will be cathartic.

Soviet Dénouement -Triumph of the Nekulturny
This next cultural travesty was inflicted upon the old feeder by Eric Parks blogging at RedStateEclectic, disguised as a Mental Exercise. Instead of a Mental Exercise, I found myself needing a Mental Exorcism to get this unwholesome musical video worm out of my head. Cop a laugh, if you can.

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