April 05, 2008

Hitler was a victim?

Doomed by his genes?
Modern science has found an excuse for even the most extreme forms of sociopathy. Murderous tyrants like Adolf Hitler are helpless victims of their genetic make-up. Stalin, Mao, Castro and Arab Jihadists aren't to blame for their ruthless behavior; its in their genes.

There is an excuse or reason to avoid personal responsibility for almost any behavior these days. Politically correct academics are working on a scientific "way out" for wrongdoers of every stripe, from disruptive grade-school boys to genocidal maniacs. Its only a genetically induced chemical imbalance. Perhaps they will find a pill for it.
PANG theory (People Are No Good) has a new corollary: People may well be no good, but it isn't their fault because their genes made them that way. Now, take your meds or you'll turn out like Hitler.

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